Every year, the VR Arles festival welcomes 40,000 visitors throughout the summer, as a section of the Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles. During the opening week, more than 18,000 professionals from the art world meet in the historic Provençal city for the opening of exhibitions, conferences by the exposed artists and a dense program of events celebrating the photographic image in all of its states.

This year, the curation of the VR Arles festival evolves and echoes a culture of virtual image making in full swing. Essentially a hybrid medium, we decided to no longer distinguish documentary and fiction works from those coming from the field of art.

We will generally select artistic creations that meet our three curation themes, namely:

. sensitive and critical exploration of technologies for creating photorealistic three-dimensional images, such as point cloud, three-dimensional scanning, photogrammetry and real-time CGI,

. a work on immersive presentations that involve the body of the participants and develop multiple access for the public (multi-user works, projection and installations),

. artistic intentions around subjects of contemporary culture, such as the climate crisis, the representation of diversity, social conflicts or gender issues.

Each work selected will receive a exhibition fee. Works competing in the artistic section are eligible for the prize of 10,000 euros, awarded by the jury of the VR Arles Festival.


To apply for the 2020 edition of the festival, you must complete the following form giving as much information as possible before April 15, 2020. Remember to fill in the category of your VR experience (Artistic competition or Young Audience). You can present several experiences.

Regarding the sending procedure, you must send us a copy of your experience in dematerialized version (via WeTransfer or other). If the format of the experience includes a particular scenography, do not hesitate to contact us directly by email (contact@vrarlesfestival.com).

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