Rencontres du Virtuel

Virtual Reality, Photography and Contemporary Imaginaries

Conferences, discussions, showcase

July 5, 2019, Théâtre d’Arles

Throughout its history, photography has been inextricably bound up with technological inventions. With the latest developments in 3D rendering, photogrammetry, and CGI, photography no longer functions only at the level of representation. It also become a building block for new realities, transforming the use of the medium.

With new possibilities come new artistic forms, renewed imaginaries and expressions, and the Rencontres du Virtuel, will be day of conferences, showcase and panel discussions to explore the intersection of photography and virtual realities.

The day will delve into these evolutions, through 3 thematic tracks, each lasting 2 hours. One, a discussion on digital imaging techniques going beyond photorealism, two a review of artistic practices combining print and digital and three an exploration of new imaginaries flourishing with contemporary image making techniques.

The event take place the July 5, Théâtre d’Arles. We look forward to seeing you there!