Rencontres du 7e art Lausanne

The Rencontres du 7e art Lausanne is an innovative and non-competitive event.
Films that have marked the history of cinema are screened throughout the city of Lausanne, including at the emblematic Capitole theatre and Pathé cinemas.

The event offers its audience various conferences/debates/conversations with prestigious talents and speakers about the films screened and current issues.

What are the recent innovations and what are their impact on cinema? That is the main question asked to VR experts from various industries: films, game studies, new technologies.


June 7th – 17th 2017

VRHAM! is Germany’s first artistic Virtual Reality festival. VRHAM! is not an exhibition, not a museum, not a technology park, not a trade fair. VRHAM! is an experiment. We are presenting inspiring, creative VR experiences sure to transcend the borders of traditional perception and experience of art. VRHAM! gives Virtual Reality art a new home. VRHAM! was founded and initiated by Ulrich Schrauth, former Artistic Manager at Thalia Theater and Artistic Production Manager at “Theater der Welt” international festival 2017. “To find yourself in strange worlds, to immerse in stories feeling you are a part of a film, work of art or theatre play yourself – this takes our conception of art to a completely new dimension. This is what we want to visualise at VRHAM!”

VRHAM! Festival is a satellite of the 7th Triennial of Photography Hamburg 2018.


October 19th – 28th 2018

Founded by Francesco Rutelli, the former Rome mayor and current president of ANICA (Italy’s national association of film and audiovisual industry) VIDEOCITTÀ is a important festival held in partnership with Rome Film Fest and dedicated to the international audiovisual industry, featuring everything from a drive in cinema experience to a virtual reality showcase.