> VR Writing Residency

VR Arles Festival and the Institut français have come together to propose a writing residency dedicated to creating immersive experiences. In 2019, the residents will be welcomed at the Saint-Césaire convent from August 26 to 31 to engage in practical workshops, receive individual coaching, participate in writing sessions, learn from virtual-reality professionals, and delve deeper into immersive audio, live performance, and the creation of images. The virtual-reality writing residency aims to enable authors and artists to develop an innovative virtual-reality writing project, deepen their knowledge regarding the creative and narrative potential of immersive technologies, help them to understand virtual-reality design and its technical constraints, and facilitate the convergence of different art forms.

> 2019 residents

Marion Burger & Ilan Cohen, Empereur

Alice Lepetit, Bleue

Nadia Micault, Zen ou presque

Alexandre Perez, EGO

Jeanne Susplugas, I Will Sleep When I’m Dead

Matthieu Van Eeckhout, The Crow of Whitechapel

> 2019 speakers

Charles Ayats

Karim Ben Khelifa

Jérôme Blanquet

Margherita Bergamo, Compagnie Voix

Florent Dumas, Novelab

Landia Egal, Tiny Planets

Maxime Fleuriot, Biennale de la danse

Daniel Gonzalez, Omnipresenz

Lidwine Hô, France télévision

Mathieu Muller, Unity

Mathieu Pradat